Elegance in Design.

Our garden rooms have a variety of uses, whether that be a garden office, a beauty salon, a gym or just a place to unwind and relax. Our bespoke service means we can design and build whatever you want.

We have a collaborative approach and our surveyors will discuss every option to make sure we use the space to your exact requirements.


Craftsmanship In Build.

Our  highly skilled craftsmen, designers and installers are committed to providing the best service and ultimately the best end product available in the  market today.

All of our bespoke garden rooms are uniquely manufactured within our facility in Livingston, packaged up and delivered to you ready for our installation team to commence with constructing your modern garden rooms.

Flexibility In Whats Possible.

We have a fully collaborative approach and have an an ethos of ‘anything is possible’.

Our design team will work with you to design and build exactly what you want and to fully maxamise the space you have to work with.



What Is A Garden Room.

Architecturally beautiful and finished in natural materials, a Garden Room by Homewise is a stand-alone building that’s handcrafted to perfection to provide a stunning addition to your home and garden. What’s more, a garden room is premium insulated for use all year round, allowing you to make the most of your newly added space even in the colder winter months.

Our garden rooms have a wide variety of uses, with anything from a garden office, to a home gym or a simple garden retreat. Garden rooms are a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional home extensions.


In House.

One of the best things about our service is that we take care of every step of your project. We do the hard work for you, from pre-design, landscaping and building to electrics, lighting, phone installation and all internal finishes.

All work is completed with our own in house specialists so we have full control of the workflow.

We endeavour to make the process as stress-free and unobtrusive as possible. Our experienced installation team will work seamlessly to erect your Garden Room quickly and with minimal disruption.



Our garden rooms are built with the environment in mind which means choosing the finest natural materials to create the structure which is then clad in sustainable product. This allows for the worst of the Scottish weather whilst looking amazing. Our garden rooms are built to last and provide an investment for years to come.

Cost Comparison.

Garden rooms make for a cost-effective alternative to traditional home extensions, being cheaper per square metre and having no hidden costs involved.

When compared to the conventional single story extension, conservatory or loft conversion, a garden room is a unique and exciting alternative that is open to a wider possibility of uses than their alternatives.

What’s more, garden rooms rarely require planning permission and they are installed on-site by us in just 2-7 days – making them a convenient and hassle-free addition to your home.




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